About the Oakland Camera Club

History of the Oakland Camera Club

The Oakland Camera Club was founded as the Miniature Camera Club of Oakland by Edward H. Towler, organized June 26, 1934 at 8:00pm and incorporated by Assistant District Attorney Homer Buckley on September 28, 1936. The first meeting took place in Room 215, Insurance Building, 14th and Franklin Streets, Oakland.

In 1950, the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws were changed, and the club has since been named the Oakland Camera Club.

On June 30, 1958, the Oakland Camera Club Club had 269 members — the largest camera club in Northern California. By 1959 this had increased to 275 members.

Through most of its existence, the Oakland Camera Club served a wide range of photographers with a stereo division; a movie division; a School of Photography; a color slide division; and black & white and color divisions.

Today, the stereo division is what remains, and the Oakland Camera Club meets in Albany for the convenience of its East Bay members.

Mission Statement

Support the San Francisco/Bay Area’s stereography community, promote the art and science of stereography, and make stereo accessible to photographers of any skill level.

Club Handbook

The Oakland Camera Club's Club Handbook, updated October 2013 (pending approval of the Board of Directors), covers offices, officer's duties, resources, and annual schedules. This document is useful to both members and officers.


The Oakland Camera Club' rules and regulations are documented in the Oakland Camera Club Bylaws, updated January 6, 1996. This document is of primary interest to Club officers.

Life Members

  • Barrie H. Bieler, FPSA FN4C
  • Bill Wasson, APSA
  • Alice Anderson, APSA FN4C
  • Robert H. Baker, FPSA AN4C
  • E. Charles Cornell, HonN4C FN4C
  • Bill W. Field, APSA AN4C
  • Blanche L. Henningsen, AN4C
  • Melvin G. Henningsen, FPSA HonN4C FN4C FRPS
  • Earl W. Henry
  • Russell R. Hilton,FN4C
  • Jeanie W. Jamison
  • Willdene (Dede) Niemand, APSA AN4C
  • John J. Sardy
  • Valeria Sardy
  • Henrietta M. Tinay, FPSA FN4C

Honorary Members

  • Seton Rochwite, FPSA

Past Presidents

1934-1936Edward H Tower
1936-1937Hal Wiltermood
1937-1938William s. Armstrong
1938-1940Wilson D. Ellis & Stanley R. Truman
1940-1941Frank W. Day
1941-1942Charles B. Gratiot
1942-1943Thomas G. Bell
1943-1944Gilford H. Soules
1944-1945Robert L. Ingram
1945-1946Irving B. Ellis
1946-1947Samuel C. Woody
1947-1948William J. Wasson & Numa P. Dunne
1948-1949Walter G. Treadwell
1949-1950Merritt H. Brady
1950-1951John O. Siipola
1951-1952Ellis g. Rhode
1952-1954Henry A. Viera
1954-1955Estelle Marker
1955-1957Carl B. Wahlund
1957-1958Estelle Marker
1958-1960Alice Anderson
1960-1961Val Benz
1961-1963Ray L. Forrest
1963-1964Eva H. Vierra
1964-1965Mark McKimmins
1965-1966William E. Gabe
1966-1967Ray L. Forrest
1967-1969Russell R. Hilton
1969-1970Charles M. Dane
1970-1972Mark McKimmins
1972-1974Dorothy B. Harder
1974-1976Janice F. Redden
1976-1979Melvin G. Henningsen
1979-1981Robert A. Wilson
1981-1982John W. Niemand
1982-1983Robert A. Wilson
1983-1984Bill W. Field
1984-1985Edna K. Cundiff
1986-1987Russell R. Hilton
1988-1989Willdene Niemand
1990-1992Robert H. Baker
1993-1994E. Charles Cornell
1995Willdene Niemand
1996 - March 2000Barrie H. Bieler
April 2000 - December 2004Jim Johnston
January 2005 - May 2006Barrie H. Bieler
June 2006 - December 2010John Ballou
January 2011 - PresentMat Bergman


Mat Bergman

President, Oakland Camera Club

Next Club Meeting


Monday, February 26, 2018


7:00pm - 10:00


Albany Community Center, Albany, CA

Special Competition Subject:


Interior and exterior passages in stereo.

Digital stereo images will be shown on the club's 3-D HDTV. Read about Preparing Digital Slides for details.


Orignal Oakland Camera Club logo

Original Oakland Camera Club Logo

First Meeting Announcement

First Meeting Announcement, 1934

Name Change to Oakland Camera Club

Oakland Camera Club Name Change Announcement

Early Flyer

Early Flyer

Early Flyer

Early Card

Early Flyer

Early Postcard